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Memorial Jewelry

Memories deserve nothing less

A memorial jewelry is not only about the death of a loved one, but is also about celebrating new life or nurturing special friendships and relationships. Consider, for example, birth, perpetuation of friendship, processing of handwritten text, baby teeth, footprints, breast milk, hair locks of both humans and animals, paw prints, fingerprints or the processing of sand from the beach where you went on your honeymoon. Everything that has to do with memory that can harden together with the resin can be incorporated into the jewelry.


The making of

To ensure your peace of mind, we always make our process of ash-integration available for you to observe. With this collection, we wish to provide you with the beauty and elegance that you will cherish along with your memories.

What are the possibilities


The loss of your pet can be devastating for the whole family. It’s not just a dog or a cat, but a family member. Pet crematoriums are getting more into view and cremating your beloved pet is becoming more common. They deserve a worthy goodbye as well.

When memorializing your pet, you might want to consider a lock of hair, pawprint or ashes.

Our whole jewelry range is suited for integrating pets ashes in. However, under ‘Pets’ you’ll find the Jewelry that is explicitly designed for pets.

Lock of hair
Hair locks can be placed in almost every jewelry piece. The visibility of dark hair is better than blonde or white hair. We recommend to always save some strands of hair in case of damage or loss.

A pawprint is often taken by the crematorium with ink on paper. We don’t need the original pawprint. A clear picture from the original print is often more than enough. We engrave the silhouette of the paw and we can downsize them to the size of your jewelry.

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